The time to buy, invest and live in South FLORIDA is now!

Paradise of opportunities

Come and learn all that EC REAL ESTATE has available for you. In regards to real estate properties, Miami is considered by investors as a haven for secure and stable assets. It is a refuge for the future of those fleeing countries ridden by unstable politics and an uncertain financial crisis.

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Interesting reasons to invest in south florida

Miami is the financial bridge between the US and Latin America. It’s the setting for large developments and financial centers surrounded by beaches, palm trees and golf courses, attractions that make the investor that arrives to Miami to never want to leave.

Investment opportunities

The state of florida

Regardless of the difficult recession of later years, the south of Florida remains as the #1 market for real estate in the United States. Its vibrant and cosmopolitan climate lures an enormous number of visitors annually and a lot of them dream of acquiring real estate in Florida and relocate to the Sunshine State. Because of the many positive attributes of the south of Florida, new developments are on the rise and pre-construction sales are once again climbing up. People keep buying and selling properties at every price level, investments as well as home sales. Also, commercial real estate sales are reaching maximum interest once more.

Promised land

Business in Florida

Sellers, banks and buyers get together and give life to the new era in Florida’s real estate market. Miami is the new promised land of buy and sell. It is the fertile land where properties that strive to satisfy the most demanding tastes are built.

Real estate investment

The real estate market in the US is considered as a revenue generator. Specifically, in South Florida, there are several reasons why investing in properties is considered profitable as well as good business:

  • Firsthand, the property’s price need not be paid 100%. There are excellent financial options in Miami, also available for foreign investors. Banks will usually ask for a down payment of 20-30% for credit approval.
  • Another advantage of real estate is that it does not require a strict control by the buyer, does not take much time, and can be monitored at a distance. This is very attractive for foreign buyers.
  • Statistics show that property value increases constantly and at a steady pace.
  • Real estate has tax benefits that incentivizes investors.
  • Property acquisition is the main source of capital of Americans, and the first step to accumulate personal wealth.
  • Forty-four percent of people’s wealth is due to the equity of their real estate.
  • Annual inflation rate is about 2.3%
  • Average rate for mortgage credits is between 3.4 and 4.5%.
  • There are 16 million residents in the State of Florida.
  • It’s the fourth most populated state following California, Texas and New York.

Do you want to live or invest in Florida?

The time to buy, invest and live in miami is now!