We offer the best real estate services in residential, commercial and property management.

EC Real Estate Investment & Rentals

Our firm offers our clients the best residential and commercial services for real estate, rentals, and property management.

Our team has ample experience managing the properties it represents. Our agents are highly-qualified professionals, follow strong work ethics, and rely on their knowledge and expertise of how business works in a multicultural setting.

We have set our expectations very high in satisfying the needs of our real estate clients by offering expert advice throughout the buying, selling, renting processes, and providing the best property management service.

Stability and growth

Our vision is to work with innovation to favor the changes in the real estate field that allow us to grow and meet the needs and expectations that the newer generations of clients demand.

Quality of service

We offer new and modern tools, comprehensive advice and a long-term vision based on preparation and reliability.

Professional consulting

We provide expert advice during your search for the property that will better serve you in terms of location, space and functionality.

Rental logistics

We help you deal with communications and bills payments, taxes, and all issues related to property maintenance.

Credit for foreigners

Place your trust in us as we guide you through the steps required to get the best financing plan.

Personalized service

All EC Real Estate clients receive preferred treatment from our business allies in addition to complete and excellent customer service.

Property reports

We take charge of organizing maintenance services, repairs, home improvement projects, general upkeep and overseeing of construction work.

Investment opportunities

We find the property that adjusts to your needs and your family.

Do you need to buy or sell?

We offer the best real estate services in residential, commercial and property management.