Property Management

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We manage your property

As real estate specialists, we can assist you in managing your property. Maybe you need to do it and don’t have the time, or you do not wish to engage with your tenants, deal with regular maintenance, take care of service payments and taxes, do general errands or any other related tasks. This is where we come in.

The property management process

The property management process involves three main areas:


Before you rent your property

1. Before you rent your property

  • Advertise your property.
  • Handle home-owner’s association documents for approval, if applicable.
  • Run credit reports, proof of funds verification, background checks and eviction history.
  • Prepare lease and follow-up to full execution.
  • Perform a move-in inspection with new tenants and release keys.


During and after the property is occupied

2. During and after the property is occupied

  • Collect and distribute rent.
  • Receive maintenance requests and obtain repair and service estimates on behalf of the owner.
  • Monthly account balance.
  • Monthly bill payments.
  • Prepare and deliver legal notices in compliance with Florida Statutes in case of lease and occupation violations.
  • Execution and follow-up of tenant evictions, when necessary.
  • Periodic inspections of the property per owner’s request


Seasonal properties

3. Seasonal properties

  • Regular visits to your property.
  • Visual inspections and indoor/outdoor checks.
  • Estimates for improvement and remodeling work.
  • Construction, remodeling and supervision.
  • Mail pick-up.
  • Monthly bill payments.
  • Lawn and pool maintenance.

Real estate investments

Managing a property requires professional guidance throughout the different areas involved in the process to ensure expected results. We are an experienced team of real estate agents and professional managers, who live and work in Miami, and offer you the best real and viable investment solutions.

Do you need help managing your property?

At EC Real Estate we offer you the best assistance and all the necessary information you need to manage your property.