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For the last 10 years, our expert has helped immigrants reach a legal US status by investing in an active and profitable business.

Steps to follow when buying a business:

Step 1. Take control and commit: committing to owning a business is the best way to create profit and oversee your own destiny.

Step 2. Buyer’s profile: considering personal interests, goals, professional, commercial and family expectations, work experience, expertise and financial capacity.

Step 3. Define acquisition criteria: per minimal desired income, location, family needs, business category and branch of industry.

Step 4. Business search: Confidentiality Agreements

Step 5. Meeting with seller and touring the facilities.

Step 6. Make an offer: along with an escrow deposit.

Step 7. Due diligence: legal, financial, employees, taxes.

Step 8. Closing and business takeover.

Step 9. Transfer of business, familiarization and steps following the closing.

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